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The Rev-Sim.org website provides professional resources and a collaborative community to help increase the value of engineering simulation (CAE) investments through the Democratization of Simulation. By the process of “democratization” CAE experts can put the power of simulation safely and robustly into the hands of those who are not experts in using simulation software, including designers, new engineers and even those in technical sales and support.

The Rev-Sim portal provides access to the latest success stories, news, articles, whitepapers, blogs, presentations, videos, webinars, best practices and reference materials to help democratize simulation in your organization. Ask questions and participate in discussions with your peers and with the expert Topic Moderators on the site.

You’ll also have one-stop access to simulation specialists, industry organizations, special interest discussion groups, and industry media, along with software and consulting service providers to accelerate the return on your simulation investments through democratization.

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What's New

  • HPC in Personalized Non-invasive Clinical Treatment of Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s

    India’s National Institute of Health was able for schizophrenia to replace highly risky brain-invasive operations with an innovative technique of non-invasive low-risk treatment based on CAE.

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    This UberCloud use case #200 describes how India’s National Institute of Health was able for schizophrenia – and potentially Parkinson’s disease, depression, and other brain disorders – to replace the current highly risky procedure of brain-invasive operations with an innovative technique of non-invasive low-risk treatment based on CAE that is also significantly more affordable.

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  • GKN Driveline: Propshaft Analysis

    Implementing and leveraging Democratized Simulation at GKN Driveline delivers big results.

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    Presented at CAASE 18, this presentation outlines the challenges and benefits of Democratized Simulation as implemented by GKN Driveline. The presentation compares and contrasts traditional analysis methods with Democratized Simulation.

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  • Intel: Democratization of Simulation at Work

    Comet Solutions has enabled Intel to automate very complex analysis tasks enabling significant (months to days) reduction in time-to-decision for product design teams.

    Solution Providers:

    Comet Solutions

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    “Comet has enabled us to automate very complex analysis tasks enabling significant (months to days) reduction in time-to-decision for product design teams. Equally important is the ability of the Template-based automation approach to be combined with simple web forms to create SimApps. SimApps allow non-specialists to safely execute analysis and make decisions without the involvement of an analysis expert.”

    Michael “Zack” Eckblad, Senior Engineer, Intel

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  • Democratization Success Stories to be Presented at CAASE18

    On June 5-7, more than 500 individuals will gather in Cleveland for the 2018 Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering. At CAASE18, numerous customer success stories covering democratization and simulation governance will be presented.

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    CAASE18Take a moment to review the CAASE18 agenda, which contains a listing and abstracts for all democratization and simulation governance focused presentations.  Democratization presentations from end-users include: Accuride, GE Global Research & Development, Shanghai Zhongli Investment Co., John Deere, ZPMC, BISME,  and Superior Industries. Presentations from software and services providers highlighting customer cases will be delivered by: ANSYS, HBM Prenscia, EASA, Eckdyn Analysis Solutions, Siemens AG, Romax Technology, and Comet Solutions. Furthermore, CAASE18 will showcase a Democratization Round-Table Discussion, hosted by the Revolution in Simulation moderators.

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  • Democratizing a Multivariate Statistical Model Validation Method through an Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose App

    A case study detailing Caterpillar's democratization of simulation.

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    A case study detailing Caterpillar’s democratization of simulation.

    Jeff Sundermeyer, Caterpillar , Juan Betts & Mark Walker, Front End Analytics
    June, 2016

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  • A Simulation Revolution is Needed to Solve the CAE Industry’s Problems

    The worldwide business environment is seeing a strong focus on strategic goals for improving competitiveness.

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    The Role of Engineering Simulation is becoming a key enabler of  strategic goals for improving competitiveness
    • Increase Innovation
    • Increase Quality
    • Reduce Risk
    • Reduce Time
    • Reduce Cost

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  • What Makes an Effective SimApp?

    Digital Engineering Sr. Editor, Kenneth Wong gives his take on Comet Solutions' SimApps.

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    The new-found appetite for simulation apps suggests simulation experts in large manufacturing firms — for example, the FEA gurus with the know-how to recreate a wind tunnel test in ANSYS or a car crash in SIMULIA — may eventually take on a new role as app developers and authors. The skills and intuition required to craft an app for the non-experts is quite different from knowing the ins and outs of general-purpose simulation programs.

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  • Modernizing Legacy Inhouse Codes with Simulation Apps

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    The problem of legacy applications

    Over the past four decades, IT staff at Monsanto have developed many custom applications to help the firm’s managers, engineers, and plant operators to solve problems specific to the business. However, these applications were developed in the days of DOS; being command line driven, they were very difficult to use, especially for younger employees accustomed to more modern graphical user interfaces.

    Moving to a new environment

    Monsanto decided to utilize EASA’s patented approach. EASA enables rapid codeless creation and deployment of web-based applications that connect to one or more existing software tools.


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