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    What good is a revolution if it doesn’t result in change? See how companies are achieving measurable improvements in time savings, simulation data…

  • What’s New: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

    MDO: Optimizing a design, within a set design space, across multiple disciplines by computer.

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What's New

  • Digital Twins: Driven by Physics-Based Models

    Digital Twins: Driven by Physics-Based Models

    Karen Willcox is a leading aerospace researcher and expert in simulation-based engineering who specializes in the aerospace industry. Her work on simplified simulation models has made it possible to accelerate the development and design of complex systems.

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  • Digital Twins in the Hot Seat:  Realizing Great Expectations

    Digital Twins in the Hot Seat: Realizing Great Expectations

    PREVIOUS WEBINAR AVAILABLE ON DEMAND The phrase “digital twin” has become the be-all-and-end-all of manufacturing buzzwords, stirring up Utopian views on what it can do for predictive maintenance, simulation and more. But how is a digital twin different from a 3D CAD product model? Can it ever live up to its full potential? Is anyone really making use of digital twins? In this LIVE webcast, DE challenges panelists to discuss: a no-nonsense definition of digital twins; the types of products that make sense as digital twins; real-world examples of digital twins in operation.

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