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The Rev-Sim.org website provides professional resources and a collaborative community to help increase the value of engineering simulation (CAE) investments through the Democratization of Simulation. By the process of “democratization” CAE experts can put the power of simulation safely and robustly into the hands of those who are not experts in using simulation software, including designers, new engineers and even those in technical sales and support.

The Rev-Sim portal provides access to the latest success stories, news, articles, whitepapers, blogs, presentations, videos, webinars, best practices and reference materials to help democratize simulation in your organization. Ask questions and participate in discussions with your peers and with the expert Topic Moderators on the site.

You’ll also have one-stop access to simulation specialists, industry organizations, special interest discussion groups, and industry media, along with software and consulting service providers to accelerate the return on your simulation investments through democratization.

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    What good is a revolution if it doesn’t result in change? See how companies are achieving measurable improvements in time savings, simulation data…

  • Webinar: Democratizing Simulation

    Offered in collaboration with Rev-Sim.Org sponsor, EASA Software Ltd., a leading provider of model deployment technology, this webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 25, 2018.

What's New

  • GE: Producing a Custom Proposal Generation Tool with Process Knowledge Reuse

    With EASA, GE was able to create and deploy a substantially simplified and streamlined “CPQ” (Configure, Price, Quote) method in the form of a custom web app with embedded expertise, coupled to a variety of underlying tools.

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    GE Energy required a highly tailored web application to streamline knowledge capture, retention, and communication for wind farm site suitability analysis, proposal generation, and subsequent project management. The highly manual process involved many disjointed steps, and required significant input from experts familiar with specific components and engineering, environmental and business issues.

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  • Democratization of CAE at P&G

    Proctor & Gamble democratizes simulation to a much broader user community, creating easy to use but intelligent apps to drive complex multi-step, multi-software workflows.

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    P&G determined that software modeling tools are critical for the kind of innovation necessary to develop thousands of consumer products competitively, and has therefore invested heavily in a variety of modeling and simulation technologies. Realizing that the benefits of modeling and simulation could be scaled by orders of magnitude if only these tools could be made usable by a much wider and larger group, P&G turned to EASA to help democratize modeling tools as intuitive streamlined web apps.

    Published: Unknown

    Previously limited to specialists, many tools (and related workflows) such as spreadsheets, legacy codes, databases and CAE applications were quickly repackaged as EASA web apps, which offer:

    • Ease of use, built in intelligence, consistent look-and-feel, and error-checking
    • Ease of access, running with complete reliability (even on mobile devices), with no dependence on locally installed software
    • Intellectual property security and audit trail of usage

    Published: Fall 2016

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  • Cross Tidal Kites to Harvest Ocean Energy

    Ocean Energy Tamed by Modelon. Modelica based system simulation is the key enabler for product innovation.

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    Tidal energy is an enormous sustainable resource. The challenge is to harvest this energy. It is offshore, which makes it one of the harshest environments. It needs large investments. It bears significant risks.  The company Minesto from Gothenburg in Sweden has developed a new green technology to exploit this energy in places where conventional techniques fail.

    Modelica models are used to explore the design and validate the complete multi-physics system model.

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  • Cloud Infrastructure Enables Easy & Fast Simulations in Shipbuilding

    In this user success story, readers will find an UberCloud Experiment on a CFD Study of the Maneuverability of a KRISO Container Ship Model in the Cloud. This case study highlights how cloud infrastructure enabled easy and fast simulations, accessible with one click through the browser-based GUI, resulting in a dramatic increase in the engineer’s productivity and the ability of focus on the simulation experiment at hand.

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    The aim of this UberCloud Experiment #201 was to verify the feasibility of overset grids for direct zigzag test using “appended” KRISO Container Ship (KCS) model by means of the NUMECA UberCloud container on the cloud. The commercial CFD software FINETM/Marine packaged by NUMECA International S.A. was
    employed during this experiment. All simulations were run on the newest software version 6.2, whose robustness has been drastically improved. Meanwhile, it was hoped to accelerate simulations through the powerful HPC Cloud resources provided by UberCloud Inc. and NUMECA.

    Published April 2018.

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  • Democratization of Simulation Takes Flight

    Digital Engineering's Mark Clarkson discusses the early successes of Democratized Simulation.

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    Today’s companies are ready to embrace more upfront simulation. Computers are astronomically faster and the simulation software has evolved, becoming faster and, to some extent, easier to use. “Today, there’s so much automation to help with setting up the analysis,” says Todd McDevitt, Sr. Marketing Manager at ANSYS. “The user environment is friendlier. Instead of using terms that speak to the mathematician, we make an effort to have the software speak to the engineer.”

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  • Modernizing Legacy Inhouse Codes with Simulation Apps

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    The problem of legacy applications

    Over the past four decades, IT staff at Monsanto have developed many custom applications to help the firm’s managers, engineers, and plant operators to solve problems specific to the business. However, these applications were developed in the days of DOS; being command line driven, they were very difficult to use, especially for younger employees accustomed to more modern graphical user interfaces.

    Moving to a new environment

    Monsanto decided to utilize EASA’s patented approach. EASA enables rapid codeless creation and deployment of web-based applications that connect to one or more existing software tools.


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  • Knowledge Capture for Multidisciplinary STOP Analysis

    STOP (Structural Thermal Optical Performance) Analysis is enhanced with a reusable CAD-based analysis process.

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    STOP (Structural Thermal Optical Performance) Analysis is enhanced with a reusable CAD-based analysis process.

    Tory Scola, NASA Langley Research Center
    June, 2016

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  • Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone!

    Simulation Applications are advancing product quality, innovation, and productivity by allowing non-experts to safely run simulations.

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    Comet Founder & CTO, Malcolm Panthaki discusses how Simulation Applications are able to advance product quality, innovation, and productivity by capturing and extending the expertise and knowledge of CAE experts to allow non-experts to safely run simulations.

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