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The Rev-Sim.org website provides professional resources and a collaborative community to help increase the value of engineering simulation (CAE) investments through the Democratization of Simulation. By the process of “democratization” CAE experts can put the power of simulation safely and robustly into the hands of those who are not experts in using simulation software, including designers, new engineers and even those in technical sales and support.

The Rev-Sim portal provides access to the latest success stories, news, articles, whitepapers, blogs, presentations, videos, webinars, best practices and reference materials to help democratize simulation in your organization. Ask questions and participate in discussions with your peers and with the expert Topic Moderators on the site.

You’ll also have one-stop access to simulation specialists, industry organizations, special interest discussion groups, and industry media, along with software and consulting service providers to accelerate the return on your simulation investments through democratization.

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  • Success Stories

    What good is a revolution if it doesn’t result in change? See how companies are achieving measurable improvements in time savings, simulation data…

  • Why Bother Democratizing?

    Your experts have probably been using simulation for decades. Why bother democratizing this powerful technology? Is it really safe for non-experts to perform complex simulations?

What's New

  • GE: Producing a Custom Proposal Generation Tool with Process Knowledge Reuse

    With EASA, GE was able to create and deploy a substantially simplified and streamlined “CPQ” (Configure, Price, Quote) method in the form of a custom web app with embedded expertise, coupled to a variety of underlying tools.

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    GE Energy required a highly tailored web application to streamline knowledge capture, retention, and communication for wind farm site suitability analysis, proposal generation, and subsequent project management. The highly manual process involved many disjointed steps, and required significant input from experts familiar with specific components and engineering, environmental and business issues.

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  • Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse at American-Axle & NASA

    Ravi Desi (American-Axle Manufacturing) and Tory Scola (NASA Langley) discuss the importance of knowledge capture & reuse and why companies need to embrace targeted, solution-focused simulation apps to gain measurable improvements in innovation, development time, and related product quality.

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    Comet Solutions

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    As part of a one-hour NAFEMS webinar on,  “Democratization: Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse,” Ravi Desi explains why knowledge capture and reuse is critical in developing new vehicle architectures and for faster decision making at American-Axle Manufacturing. Tory Scola shares how NASA Langley adopted a new process for automated design space exploration (with complex multiphysics calculations, including design changes) resulting in a single iteration taking a full week down to 140 analyses in a single overnight run.

    Presented on: September 17, 2015

    Password: a?p9K?

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  • GKN Driveline: Propshaft Analysis

    Implementing and leveraging Democratized Simulation at GKN Driveline delivers big results.

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    Presented at CAASE 18, this presentation outlines the challenges and benefits of Democratized Simulation as implemented by GKN Driveline. The presentation compares and contrasts traditional analysis methods with Democratized Simulation.

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  • Engineering Firm Converts Welding Simulator to Manufacturing App

    Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus (Emc²) and its partners developed a cloud-based tool called Virtual Fabrication Technology (VFT) that simulates welding processes employed in the manufacture of metallic products.

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    “Small and medium-sized manufacturing firms need improved weld-fabrication processes to ensure improved quality at lower costs to remain globally competitive. We are developing a sophisticated high performance computing based tool and making it accessible to these firms from a supercomputer center to easily permit use of these tools at affordable prices.”

    Frederick “Bud” Brust, Ph.D.
    Sr. Research Leader

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  • Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) for Laser Weapons Systems

    The role of intelligent templates to speed the development of laser weapon systems.

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    Comet’s Malcolm Panthaki together with Steve McCoy of TimeLike Systems, LLC discuss the role of intelligent templates (Simulation Applications) to speed the development of laser weapon systems.

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  • Democratization of Simulation Takes Flight

    Digital Engineering's Mark Clarkson discusses the early successes of Democratized Simulation.

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    Today’s companies are ready to embrace more upfront simulation. Computers are astronomically faster and the simulation software has evolved, becoming faster and, to some extent, easier to use. “Today, there’s so much automation to help with setting up the analysis,” says Todd McDevitt, Sr. Marketing Manager at ANSYS. “The user environment is friendlier. Instead of using terms that speak to the mathematician, we make an effort to have the software speak to the engineer.”

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  • Driveline and Gearbox Design Via Apps

    Web-enabled apps mean even tablet computers are useful tools for engineering analysis anywhere, anytime.

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    Software integration is good news for engineers designing complex automotive systems such as drivelines and drivetrains. Today, sophisticated CAE tools are powerful and proven, aiding design of smooth-operating, powerful and quiet automotive component systems.

    SAE International
    February, 2016

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  • General Dynamics Land Systems Achieves Early Simulation in a Unified Performance-Engineering Workspace Based on Abstract Modeling

    General Dynamics Land Systems Achieves Early Simulation in a Unified Performance-Engineering Workspace Based on Abstract Modeling

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    General Dynamics Land Systems Achieves Early Simulation in a Unified Performance-Engineering Workspace Based on Abstract Modeling.

    Bruce Jenkins, Principal Analyst, Ora Research, LLC
    September, 2008

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